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Our Services

At Fundamental Wealth Advisors, we provide expert assistance in the following areas:

Wealth Management

- Provide Comprehensive Wealth Management

- Fiduciary Advice - Always in the best interest of the client

- Retirement Plan: customized financial plan including assets, pensions, expenses, etc. Click to see: SAMPLE FINANCIAL PLAN

- Social Security Analysis

- Income Tax Strategies (coordinated with CPA)

- Estate & Beneficiary Planning (coordinated with attorney)

Our entire team works together to provide professional advice and customer service.

Business Consulting

- 401k Plans

- Defined Benefit / Cash Balance Plans


- Deferred Compensation

- Corporate Accounts

- Succession Planning

Rick Snowden is our dedicated retirement plan expert and can customize the right plan for any small business.

Investments / Insurance

- Customized Actively Managed Portfolio Models

- Mutual Funds

- Stocks / Bonds / CDs

- IRAs - Traditional & ROTH

- Individual and Joint Accounts

- Trusts

- 403b / 457

- College Savings Accounts / UTMA

- Life / Long Term Care Insurance

- Annuities - Fixed, Indexed, Variable