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Our Process of Financial Planning for New Clients

<strong>Step 1 - Initial Meeting</strong>

Step 1 - Initial Meeting

This is an opportunity to get to know us free of charge as well as our approach to wealth management. This meeting allows us to get know potential clients, their story, and their financial needs.

What to bring:

  • Questions you may have
  • Statements (brokerage, retirement, bank, pensions)
  • Recent tax returns
  • Insurance statements
<strong>Step 2 - Present Financial Recommendations</strong>

Step 2 - Present Financial Recommendations

We will focus our discussion on the few key areas that are most vital to the client's financial plan. This may include investment recommendations, advice on the best type of accounts to open, how to pursue tax efficient results, preliminary retirement projections, insurance recommendations, or a broad array of other wealth management issues.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinions in order to come up with a clear plan of action.

<strong>Step&#160;3&#160;- Implement Financial Plan</strong>

Step 3 - Implement Financial Plan

We will review the major areas discussed in the previous meeting, answer questions, and clarify the next steps in the financial plan.

We will also discuss our plan for monitoring investments and ongoing review of the client's financial plan.  We look forward to serving clients for a long time, helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.